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Portrait Classroom listed as one of the 10 Best Photography Apps — Adorama reviews DSLR instruction apps iPad iPhone

23 Dec

In the press! Camera store Adorama lists Portrait Classroom: Baby and Child Photography Tutorials as one of the 10 best instructional photography apps. If you missed their post check out all ten apps here: 10 Apps That Will Help You Learn Photography.

See what they said about Portrait Classroom, a collection of ten portrait photography tutorials by Kim Binfield Photography for iPad and iPhone here:

“Not everybody is looking to make great general purpose photos; some have a more specific task in mind. For those looking at still images of people there is the Portrait Classroom: Baby and Child Photography Tutorials, a $1.99 app from Kim Binfield Photography.

The tutorials are for users that want to snap images with a DSLR and uses simple, easy to follow instruction that walk a user in how to set up, frame and snap still portraits as well as providing details on camera set up.”

So… Put your iPad or iPhone to work and better your DSLR photography with the Portrait Classroom app!

~ Kim