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Portrait Photography is a Snap – Babyology reviews Portrait Classroom iPad app

13 Jan

We started the new year with a great review from Babyology, a blogsite that posts modern finds for hip kids and parents. The review titled, “Portrait photography is a snap with an iPad app” concludes “Perfect for parents, amateurs and those wanting to shift their camera out of ‘automatic’ mode and get a little creative, Portrait Classroom will provide you with loads of skills and tips.”

Read the full review on their site here!

Portrait Classroom: Baby and Child Photography Tutorials iPad App Available in the iTunes App store here.

Kim Binfield Photography website blog


Check us out on Pink Ink Studios

26 Sep

Head on over to Pink Ink Studios (now sadly closed down) to see their A+ review of Portrait Classroom.

Read a sampling here…

“The interface is so easy, clean, and well, let’s face it, awesome. … Click on the camera and you’re about to see some settings. I know how beginning photogs love to know settings you’re using!

While each tutorial is carefully written and thoughtfully explained, you always have the Glossary to turn to. Want to REALLY know what that word means? Now you can. All in one easy spot.

Kim provides you with resources, including what she has in her camera bag. Her go-to props and accessories to help her with newborn photography as well as other child set ups let you know that you don’t need a lot to really be effective.

I was impressed with this app. I think if you’re a new photographer, starting out, this is a great way to learn about how to tackle the infant and child world.”

Pink Ink Studios, headed up by Holly McCaig, provides graphic design and photography resources for photographers. It is a fantastic site with a store, forum, news, and tips. I first discovered them for Holly’s Eye Sparkle and DeFog Photoshop actions that they sell in their store and have since also purchased additional actions, borders and versatile collage templates that I use for clients and in my own marketing. I always have a long wish list of items in their store – so be warned, you might start one too 🙂

Portrait Classroom: Baby and Child Photography Tutorials iPad App
Available in the iTunes App store here.

Portrait Classroom reviewed on LensFlare35

15 Sep

Portrait Classroom is reviewed on LensFlare35!

Excerpt from the review…
“This [Portrait Classroom] is one of the first ones [apps] that is starting to ‘get it’ when it comes to putting some educational content on the iPad. They’ve got a menu that allows you to navigate to the tutorials, a glossary of terms, resources, contact and an about page.  Each of the tutorials has text, sample images and they give you the equipment and settings that were used. … So, my recommendation? Worth the $1.99 if you are new to photography and interested in portrait shooting.”

See the full review here:

LensFlare 35 is a community for both amateur and professional photographers to stay informed, network, and leverage tips and techniques from today’s most admired photographers and filmmakers. Weekly podcast episodes are designed to make relevant information available in short, entertaining segments. Topics range from developing an artistic style, digital darkroom techniques, strategic marketing trends, tips and tricks from the masters, to the latest technology gadgets.