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Portrait Classroom Summer Sale!

23 Jun

The iPhone version of Portrait Classroom is on SALE for just 99 cents through July 8, 2012 …

Wishing you could take dreamy portraits of your loved ones? Want to use your fancy digital SLR camera like the pros – or at least take it off green auto mode sometimes?

Join nearly 3,000 others who are learning portrait photography techniques and camera settings through my app Portrait Classroom: Baby and Child Photography Tutorials.

Need a boost to get you started? The iPhone version of Portrait Classroom is on SALE for just 99 cents through July 8, 2012. Prefer the glossy and highly rated iPad version – it is $1.99!

Purchase and view Portrait Classroom in iTunes here:

For iPad:

For iPhone:

Get out there – it’s summer! (apologies to readers in parts of the world that aren’t having summer now – look on the bright side though, this sale is for you too!)

Enjoy and thanks to all who’ve purchased the app thus far!

~ Kim

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best lens for new portrait photographers

20 Jan

Sharing one of my favorite tips from my Portrait Classroom app today! If you’ve just bought or received a fancy DSLR camera for the holidays there is one additional item you should buy if at all possible. It is a lovely, little lens that creates dreamy portraits and is surprisingly not too expensive. It is the 50mm f1.8 lens!

I am a Canon girl and started with the Canon 50mm f1.8 lens. It sells for about $120 USD. I have since upgraded to their 50mm f1.4 lens for my business but the results with the f1.8 are unbelievable for the price and in most cases all that you will need. Straight out of the box, you will notice dramatic and beautiful results with these “fast”, prime lenses. They allow you to take photos in low light (which is often necessary when you are shooting with natural light and no flash). Secondly, the wide open apertures they allow create beautiful blurred backgrounds behind your subject (also termed “bokeh”). All of the focus, literally, is on your subject when this lens is used at its widest apertures (f1.8, f2, f2.2, etc) which makes for a very dramatic portrait.

Here is B&H’s page for the Canon version of the 50mm 1.8 lens. They also sell the Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens, among others. You can also buy them through Adorama, Amazon, your local camera store and more. The point it – just get one and you’ll be happy you did 🙂 Your portraits will be a lot more professional looking and probably the type of photos you were hoping to get with your fancy new DSLR!

Here is an example of a photo taken with my 50mm lens. With my camera in aperture priority mode, I set the aperture at f2.2. This lens and setting will produce the bokeh / blurred background and sharp subject.

This image is covered in further detail in Tutorial 9 of my app – Portrait Classroom!

Portrait Classroom app: Baby and Child Photography Tutorials
For iPad:

For iPhone:

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Check us out on Pink Ink Studios

26 Sep

Head on over to Pink Ink Studios (now sadly closed down) to see their A+ review of Portrait Classroom.

Read a sampling here…

“The interface is so easy, clean, and well, let’s face it, awesome. … Click on the camera and you’re about to see some settings. I know how beginning photogs love to know settings you’re using!

While each tutorial is carefully written and thoughtfully explained, you always have the Glossary to turn to. Want to REALLY know what that word means? Now you can. All in one easy spot.

Kim provides you with resources, including what she has in her camera bag. Her go-to props and accessories to help her with newborn photography as well as other child set ups let you know that you don’t need a lot to really be effective.

I was impressed with this app. I think if you’re a new photographer, starting out, this is a great way to learn about how to tackle the infant and child world.”

Pink Ink Studios, headed up by Holly McCaig, provides graphic design and photography resources for photographers. It is a fantastic site with a store, forum, news, and tips. I first discovered them for Holly’s Eye Sparkle and DeFog Photoshop actions that they sell in their store and have since also purchased additional actions, borders and versatile collage templates that I use for clients and in my own marketing. I always have a long wish list of items in their store – so be warned, you might start one too 🙂

Portrait Classroom: Baby and Child Photography Tutorials iPad App
Available in the iTunes App store here.

5 Best iPad Apps for Photography Instruction

30 Aug

Today’s post compiles a collection of top 5 recommended iPad applications for learning photography. These “how to” teaching apps are like taking a photo class or workshop – and they’re a lot cheaper! Download them and you’ll have your “class” book and guide with you anytime, anywhere to refer to on your iPad.

1. Portrait Classroom: Baby and Child Photography Tutorials
Of course we’re a little biased here but this app will have you taking better portraits in no time! Portrait Classroom is an insider’s guide to taking better portraits. The App presents ten tutorials that detail the set up, camera settings, equipment used, and Photoshop editing steps taken for a collection of ten baby and child portraits. Learn how you can take keepsake, professional looking portraits yourself! View in iTunes

2. Scott Kelby’s Photo Recipes Live
We love Scott Kelby!  Scott has the best-selling “The Digital Photography Book”, and has put together an app containing his “Photo Recipe” chapters from volumes 1, 2, and 3. The App (which is available for both iPad and iPhone) is slick and easy to use. It features a couple of  hours of video as well as providing Behind the Scenes photography tips. What we admire is that unlike some photo instruction tools, Scott shows you exactly how it’s all done without holding anything back (just like our own philosophy behind Portrait Classroom)! View in iTunes

3. Digital Camera Essentials
As half of the Portrait Classroom team is from the UK, we know and love the Digital Camera Essentials magazine – it has been one of our favorite publications, and so we were very excited to see it appear in digital form on the iPad. This magazine regularly runs “how to” articles on a wide range of topics and so we recommend giving it a try.  View in iTunes

4. The Magic of Black and White III
Also available as a 3 part eBook, this iPad App is part 3 of Andrew Gibson’s series. It gives you nine beautiful black and white images and details the photoshop techniques that were used to achieve them. View in iTunes

5. Rick Sammons 24/7 Photo Buffet for iPad
A very nice interactive iPad version of Rick’s best selling iPhone app. Packed full of hints and tips on a wide range of topics. Contains a wealth of good information and a whole load of video to boot! View in iTunes

Hello and Welcome Portrait Classroom Users!

17 Aug


We’ve had a great launch week – thank you for purchasing our App. We hope you are well on your way to taking even better portraits.

Get involved! Here’s how:

1. Rate and review Portrait Classroom on the iTunes App store to help other aspiring photographers find us as well.

2. Register with your email address to be added to the Portrait Classroom mailing list. (Your name will never be shared with third parties.)

3. Join the Portrait Classroom Flickr group and submit your best photos taken using tips from this App. Share how you used natural light, set your aperture, edited your pictures in the computer, etc… Anything you learned from the App.

4. Join the Portrait Classroom Facebook fan page to stay informed of new editions and tutorials from Portrait Classroom and other relevant news.

Most importantly – pick up your camera and start taking pictures! Try these techniques and settings,  and experiment with post process editing also.


What do you get …

8 Aug

What do you get when you have a gadget loving husband, a photographer wife, and an expert programmer living amidst the San Francisco buzz of the Apple iPad?

An iPad application! Specifically the app Portrait Classroom: Baby and Child Photography Tutorials that we are expecting to be for sale on the iTunes store any day now. Stay tuned for details …

iPad Demo

4 Aug

Want to see the App in action? Watch the video demo here:

Portrait Classroom: Baby and Child Photography Tutorials iPad App
Available in the iTunes app store in the Photography category.