5 Best iPad Apps for Photography Instruction

30 Aug

Today’s post compiles a collection of top 5 recommended iPad applications for learning photography. These “how to” teaching apps are like taking a photo class or workshop – and they’re a lot cheaper! Download them and you’ll have your “class” book and guide with you anytime, anywhere to refer to on your iPad.

1. Portrait Classroom: Baby and Child Photography Tutorials
Of course we’re a little biased here but this app will have you taking better portraits in no time! Portrait Classroom is an insider’s guide to taking better portraits. The App presents ten tutorials that detail the set up, camera settings, equipment used, and Photoshop editing steps taken for a collection of ten baby and child portraits. Learn how you can take keepsake, professional looking portraits yourself! View in iTunes

2. Scott Kelby’s Photo Recipes Live
We love Scott Kelby!  Scott has the best-selling “The Digital Photography Book”, and has put together an app containing his “Photo Recipe” chapters from volumes 1, 2, and 3. The App (which is available for both iPad and iPhone) is slick and easy to use. It features a couple of  hours of video as well as providing Behind the Scenes photography tips. What we admire is that unlike some photo instruction tools, Scott shows you exactly how it’s all done without holding anything back (just like our own philosophy behind Portrait Classroom)! View in iTunes

3. Digital Camera Essentials
As half of the Portrait Classroom team is from the UK, we know and love the Digital Camera Essentials magazine – it has been one of our favorite publications, and so we were very excited to see it appear in digital form on the iPad. This magazine regularly runs “how to” articles on a wide range of topics and so we recommend giving it a try.  View in iTunes

4. The Magic of Black and White III
Also available as a 3 part eBook, this iPad App is part 3 of Andrew Gibson’s series. It gives you nine beautiful black and white images and details the photoshop techniques that were used to achieve them. View in iTunes

5. Rick Sammons 24/7 Photo Buffet for iPad
A very nice interactive iPad version of Rick’s best selling iPhone app. Packed full of hints and tips on a wide range of topics. Contains a wealth of good information and a whole load of video to boot! View in iTunes


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